You cannot get well in the same environment as you got ill

Cancer is an awful word, so instead, we call it ‘potato’

Understanding how the environment plays a big part in any illness is key.

When the environment was less than optimal my cells faltered. When I adjusted the environment, these “sick” cells revitalised and thrived.

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JP Steele – his story.  

Initial Diagnosis:

In November 2021, JP Steele, received a life-altering diagnosis of stage 4, metastatic, terminal, prostate cancer. An aggressive form of cancer that spread through his body.

Recovery Phase:

Motivated by his determination to enhance his odds of survival, he explored integrated medicine strategies commonly utilised in the US, yet largely overlooked in the UK. This led him to craft a comprehensive plan for his recovery. The outcome resulted on January 5th, 2024, when his oncologist delivered astonishing news: “The tumour in his lung had vanished.” This marked a never-to-be-forgotten, inaugural milestone toward his complete recovery.

  1. He accepted the medicines prescribed by his oncologist. Alongside this, he added the integrated medicine discovered in the US.
  2. Next, he sought precise information from reputable individuals who possessed extensive experience and a proven history of success, especially those who had demonstrated improvements in prostate cancer (potato) outcomes.
  3. Delving into scientific and medical journals he unearthed the relatively unknown field of epigenetics, where the mind’s perception of the world changes our biology; and the chemistry of our body, changes our cells.  If you can control how your mind operates, then you can control your bodies chemistry, and your health.
  4. Next up was angiogenesis, where “food is medicine.” Cancerous tumours trigger the proliferation of blood vessels into the tumour, facilitating its access to oxygen and nutrients. By eating the right food types, the essential strategy of anti-angiogenic therapy this disrupts the blood vessel formation process, essentially depriving the tumour of its blood supply.

These actions, coupled with other remarkable discoveries, have profoundly altered his life, solidifying the integrated healthcare regimen he now relies on.

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JP Steele – Recovery Blueprint