Prostate Cancer, So What?

Surviving stage 4, metastatic prostate cancer is possible!

Your Comprehensive Guide to Prostate Cancer Awareness, New Treatment, Causes, Biopsy, and Tests!

Essential insights to emotional support and improved outcomes – it’s all here.

Feeling alone on my journey?

Discovering a supportive community of fellow fighters against prostate cancer, including a UK survivor of 21 years, eased my burden. Their stories inspired me to pursue a positive outcome, deepening my understanding of treatment options, where my focus now is on creating a hostile environment for cancer through anti-angiogenesis and others in my 25-leg stool, my battle axes.

Prostate Cancer – So What!

A beacon of hope and a story of resilience. Let it guide you through the transformative path to healing. An extraordinary book that unveils the roadmap to vitality and wellness.

PC So What Book

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What does this memoir contain?

This memoir isn’t just a story; it’s a lifeline for those battling prostate potato and a wake-up call for those fortunate enough to be prostate-healthy. While I can’t promise miracles, I offer something equally powerful: the hard-won wisdom from my own journey. Let my experiences be your guide, empowering you to make informed choices and face this challenge head-on.

Customer Reviews

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  1. John Bateson

    What a wonderful book!! Jim is such an amazing inspiration to all facing adversity in whatever form, such a positive attitude (and outcome) despite what he has had to face on his journey. Not only does Jim provide encouragement in a general sense but offers guidance and advice in a practical sense (e.g. juicing). This book is well worth a read, check it out.
  2. Katy, Glasgow

    What sets “Prostate Cancer - So What!" apart is its focus on the emotional and interpersonal dimensions of the prostate cancer experience. Through candid anecdotes and real-life stories, the author sheds light on the impact of the diagnosis on individuals and their families. The emotional rollercoaster, the fear of the unknown, and the challenges of maintaining a sense of normality are all addressed with sensitivity.
  3. Chris Lloyd, London.

    I was pleasantly surprised when our manager distributed copies of this book to everyone in our small company. Despite the unexpected gesture, it reflects our manager's forward-thinking nature. The book is engaging and well-written, providing practical advice on handling the psychological aspects of prostate cancer and underlining the significance of open communication between patients and their loved ones. It offers valuable guidance on navigating difficult conversations with empathy and understanding. I appreciate that my employer has informed me about annual testing, as it wasn't something I had considered before. This proactive approach reflects well on his part.
  4. Sheila Bryant

    I read this book with great interest to see what Jim had discovered on his healing journey. This is a book that every man dealing with the challenges that Jim faced should read. Jim has a unique style of writing that makes you feel like you are having a conversation with him. The book is full of life stories and coping methods. The advice given will leave you feeling that, if you are facing the diagnosis given to Jim, there is hope.
  5. Mr Warren Pritchard

    The clarity and accessibility of Steele's writing make complex medical information understandable to a broad audience. His use of real-life stories, including his own, adds a personal touch that engages readers on a profound level. The book is well-organized, with chapters dedicated to understanding the disease, treatment options, and practical steps for prevention.
  6. Mrs C Sussex

    Easy to read and engaging. A positive reminder to value what is important! Interesting links on a difficult and complex subject. All of the above is wonderful but we must never forget the role of modern medicine in combating “potato”.
  7. Joyce Ritchie

    An excellent coverage on survival, natural resources, research and life's experiences. Well done JP! Keep up the good work. Joyce
  8. Colin McNally

    This is a very honest book on a very difficult topic. It is written in everyday language to provide insights and memoirs of a journey into the world of PC. It is a guide as to what to start thinking about and where to look. This is not a book for those who wish to be negative, its for those who wish to find a successful path through their journey. See you at your 103rd Jim.
  9. Metcalfe Patricia

    The book is interesting if a bit wordy at times but then I don’t have prostate potato. If I was in Jim’s position I think I would leave no stone unturned to help myself reading everything I could find too. The overall message being “Men Get Tested”
  10. Evelyn McDonald

    Well-written and engaging and keeps the pages turning. I also think it is genius to call PC, ‘potato’! A must buy for any man over 50.
  11. Eve

    I like this book because from a woman's point of view, it addresses the emotional aspects of the journey with sensitivity, while it educates, uplifts, and infuses a sense of hope.
  12. Gerald A

    What sets this book apart is its ability to balance medical information with heartfelt personal stories. I like that.
  13. Cheryl

    A very informative book which shows that cancer can be beaten if you are prepared to put the work in! Believe it or not there has been a natural cure for every illness on this planet! It is only the fact that pharmacutical companies make more money with chemically produced medicines, that stops natural ways to cure illnesses being prescribed . Through the story of his personal journey with PC Jim shows how you can battle through the trauma of having cancer and how to change your life and mind set to beat it. Even if you are not a man or have cancer this is a book worth reading for you will learn how to change old habits and generally improve your life and longevity!
  14. Bill T

    Received this book as a present from a friend. Made me think of how I am living my life and what needs to change. Very instructive.