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Daddy’s are irreplaceable. Here’s how you can make a difference!

Dear Valued Readers,

In November 2021, I personally experienced the impact of a common yet potentially serious ailment: stage-4, terminal prostate cancer. Shockingly, this global menace claimed the lives of 347,000 individuals in 2020. The statistics reveal a 1:8 risk ratio for all men, where the reach extends to women, who are often connected to someone—be it a husband, partner, father, son, or uncle.

However, as we embark on the journey of a new year, I am thrilled to share a profound turn in my personal story, where with simple, cost-effective lifestyle changes, I mitigated the risks. The result is that on January 5th, 2024, my oncologist conveyed the uplifting news of the disappearance of the tumor in my lung. The words, “her team is very pleased,” reverberated deeply, and there’s more to this story, which I will unfold in the coming weeks.

The challenge for me, from now is to raise awareness, and to prevent every one of the annual 12,000 unnecessary prostate cancer deaths in the UK. My recently published book – Prostate Cancer – So What! – explains the risks, symptoms, and prevalence of prostate cancer, and helps individuals understand the importance of regular screenings and early detection that can significantly improve the chances of successful treatment; and it encourages men, especially those at higher risk, to undergo regular prostate cancer screenings. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing is what has been used to now, but it is weak and caused me to search the world for more accurate testing, which I explain. Additionally, I offer information about the innovative treatment options, and prevention strategies that can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their own health.

I hate the word ‘terminal’ which suggest that you are already dead, and wherefrom the health service can offer not much more than palliative care. But terminal does not have to be the end, as I have proved. I wouldn’t enjoy reading a book where the ‘C’ word repeats, so, I use it just the once the C word just once in the title. Elsewhere I refer to it as ‘potato’.

For a nominal fee of £21, my memoir (409 pages), a comprehensive reservoir of life-altering information, is now accessible on my website This includes Royal Mail first-class postage anywhere within the UK. Consider this a modest investment that could catalyse an irreversible positive change in someone’s life, just as it did in mine.

The joy of my news is a testament to the culmination of my unwavering efforts over the past two years. My memoir not only sheds light on my extraordinary relationship with my father but also recognizes the uniqueness of each individual’s paternal bond. I sincerely hope that my message resonates with you. To those over 40, consider this an opportune moment to contemplate preserving your well-being by adopting the ‘words of wisdom’ I share. As I embark on the road to full recovery, I believe the lessons in my book can benefit anyone—whether currently enjoying good health or navigating a health prognosis. However, I extend my apologies if it stirs discomfort, especially for those, like me, who have lost their fathers.

To all who invest the time to read this, my heartfelt blessings. Please consider sharing this message far and wide, for it is never too late to embrace positive change. Can I also ask your permission to write to you with weekly news about the incredible findings I have made and implemented. Known as ‘integrated medicine’ it is long overdue incorporation in our Newtonian healthcare system. So, can I ask you to send me a note to, where I will be pleased to know of your interest, and of course pleased to answer your questions.

Warmest Regards,

JP Steele

P.S. SkinLikes the skincare company that my wife and I set up in 2008 struggled during Covid where our sales fell by 90%, and then I got ill, making it difficult for me to write newsletters and such. We have removed the website to focus on launching the book, but we have stock available, and if you call me on 0780 144 5012, I will be pleased to assist with orders. Once matters have settled, the company will be relaunched, and we will keep you informed of this.


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